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What is Rustproofing?

Rustproofing is a preventative procedure that protects a car from rust or corrosion.

What is the root of Rust?

Mother Nature can do a number on your car over time. Rain, for example, is one of the biggest contributing factors to rust, corrosion forms when metal combines with water and oxygen. If a car is exposed to rain or high humidity, rust will gradually start to develop.

Heat can also cause corrosion to develop faster than it would in a cooler climate, Canadian winters can wreak havoc on your car in a different way. The salt and other de-icing substances that are used during the winter can lead to rust. Salt makes the metal more vulnerable to rusting and snow can find its way into corners of your car where it will not evaporate right away.

Over time, this could cause rust to develop in areas of your car that you would not notice until it is too late. Some cities also use magnesium and other chemicals to keep roads from slipping. These chemicals not only stick to the road, but they will also stick to the undercarriage of your car.

Neglecting Rust is a silent killer for cars, by the time you notice the rust it may be too late to fix. That is why regular check-ups are critical to your car’s long-term health, a professional will be able to spot minor issues and prevent them from escalating into more serious and costly problems.

Is Rustproofing my car worth it?

The decision to rustproof your car depends on your intentions for the vehicle. If you plan to drive your car for a long time or resell it in the future, rustproofing it would be a worthwhile investment. Those that live in areas with extreme weather conditions may also benefit from getting their car rustproofed regularly. If you live in the Brampton area and would like to rustproof your vehicle, contact us today to learn more about your options.

When is the best time to Rustproof my car?

There is no bad time to rustproof your vehicle, but experts say that spring or summer is the best time to do it. Cars are most prone to rust when moisture and temperature levels begin to fluctuate. Salty residue from the winter that may be hiding in any nooks and crannies of your undercarriage will start to attack any exposed metal. Rustproofing your car in the spring or summer also means that you will be well prepared for when winter arrives. Rustproof your car at least once a year for the best results. ‍‍



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Rust Check

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